Our Experience

Harvest the Hidden Value Buried in Today’s Operation

When we typically talk technology, the hottest new trend or the latest and greatest new wave sweeping the industry is usually what dominates the conversation. You know the deal… everyone needs their daily dose of Big Data, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, driverless this and smart that and of course a round of algorithms for everyone. You get the picture. Now I am not saying this aspect of the technology industry isn’t vitally important, of course it is, great firms are always looking at what’s coming around the corner.

That being said, the less romantic and often unsung superpower of technology organizations is the blocking and tackling that goes on to deliver the goods to customers ever day. The operational effectiveness of a growing technology organization needs – and deserves – a healthy dose of care and feeding too. And not surprising, tremendous value is created here … the ROI is oftentimes more attractive than so many other investments.

Tackling this required a hard look in the mirror and the attention of the entire organization. We needed everyone engaged, excited (although tentative) and taking ownership of our future. The goal was to create an environment where making change was not perceived as a threat, but a legitimate chance for all of us to make our world a better place. This meant driving down costs, improving our delivery chops, increasing scale through outsourcing partners and reducing project delivery timelines – no small order. We disrupted every aspect of our own apple cart, together!

A small team of people coordinated and managed the overall program, but everyone in the organization had plenty of opportunity to weigh in. We worked with an external firm to gather benchmark data to see where we currently stood and more importantly help us determine our target metrics to define success. Then the big guns… a presentation to the Board to discuss challenges, approach and targets – the boats were officially burned and in turn galvanized the team. There was no turning back.

We left no stone unturned and tackled everything from broken processes, cumbersome methodologies, missing technologies, legacy systems and even faulty leadership. The results of our efforts were measured closely and reported at every town hall meeting. The team contributed daily and they personally witnessed the fruits of their labor.

It’s sometimes easy to take for granted the things that happen everyday in a large operation, but investing here can bring exponential value. So, through hard work and a heck of a lot of fortitude, we proved just that!


  • Delivered 10’s of millions of dollars in hard, annual saving
  • Improved on-time-on-budget delivery metric by 30%
  • Reduced baseline costs by 33%
  • Standardized core processes reducing waste and redundancy by 300%
  • Improved unit expense ratio by 40%
  • Converted in excess of $40M in fixed costs to consumption-based, variable costs
  • Reduced product development cycle time by 25%
  • Implemented a knowledge management platform enabling effective cross-training
  • Restructured sourcing partnerships to optimize costs and streamline delivery