Our Experience

A Winning Digital Sales Platform

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, which not so subtly, has brought with it a new and exciting digital economy. The hallmark disruptive force in all of this is the fundamental shift in customer expectations. Thanks to pioneering companies like Amazon, Apple, Zappos, Google and so many more since, our eyes have forever been opened to what a premier experience looks like and our expectations, as customers, have permanently been changed.

The financial services industry is particularly vulnerable to this disruption. It is encumbered with decades of legacy thinking, technology and processes. This however is actually the good news! Disruption represents a tremendous opportunity for those companies who are willing to challenge everything that has made them successful in the past and put forth bold approaches to meeting customers and business partners on their terms.

Challenge accepted… completely reimagining and delivering an entirely new, fully integrated and straight-through digital sales platform, to a sales force of over 20,000 people was just what this Fortune-100 financial services firm needed to position themselves to become #1 in their market.

The response? To bring together technology, education and support to provide advisors with everything they need to run contemporary, digital practices. This new platform started with comprehensive strategy and planning to ensure the solution was in fact driven with clear business goals in mind – designed by advisors for advisors. Once the blueprint was ironed out, it was on to the business of delivering a host of new capabilities that included, high-speed digital infrastructure, state of the art security capabilities and a full suite of pre-sales through post-sales technology tools – all anchored by a cloud-based CRM solution. Finally, it was imperative to build out a world-class set of delivery services to ensure a successful national rollout of the platform.

This transformative platform has significantly contributed to several successive years of record growth, culminating in the company becoming the industry leader in their sales verticals. Since its inception, innovations such as algorithmic underwriting, social networking integration and data science-driven lead generation have been implemented to continue to enhance this award-winning platform.


  • Fully digitized and mobilized end-to-end solution for 20k person sales organization
  • Book of business data migration from incumbent CRM systems
  • Two-way integration across multiple third-party technologies
  • Closed-loop lead generation capability utilizing advanced data science techniques
  • 360° client view of proprietary and third-party holdings
  • Enabled largest acquisition in company’s history
  • Record growth in recruitment, retention and sales, resulting in #1 position in US