Why CASL Advisory

CASL Advisory is founded on five fundamental principles:

  • Success begins and ends with people. We pride ourselves on being a technology consulting company that strives to know you, know your business and add value.
  • Technology can only be a game-changer when it is driven from a business-first point of view. As we like to say, business “why” before technology “how.”
  • Every company is unique in their culture, needs and circumstances. We treat every project as a concierge engagement. No cookie cutter solutions.
  • Clients deserve value at every step of the engagement. Our tried and true approach ensures that all engagements start with deep business perspective and end with great outcomes.
  • Pragmatic answers move businesses. We are well-practiced at employing a bi-focal approach where we quickly establish a strategic view and then execute on today’s specific needs.

We have firsthand appreciation for the complexities of running a business and we come with broad & deep experience and an extensive network of contacts to address those multiple dimensions. This uniquely positions us to bring contemporary viewpoints and business-driven insights to help your business with its toughest challenges. Whether it’s specific roadmaps, elevating your digital capabilities, organizational preparedness, executive coaching & talent development, technology due diligence, startup advising or operational improvement… CASL Advisory can help! Take a deeper look at our services or dive right into some case studies that showcase our experience and insight on relevant topics.

CASL Advisory doesn’t just specialize in solving tough problems, we actually love IT! If there is something on your mind that we can help with, please reach out and let’s connect.

Our Services

IT Management Consulting

Companies spend a lot of time and money investing in technology. To maximize IT’s benefits, it is imperative that strategies clearly link business goals and technology direction. Drive a winning strategy and a clear advantage over the competition with an up-to-date, adaptable technology blueprint.

Startup Advising

Having an engaged, proven advisor has become a critical success factor for entrepreneurs as they develop and scale their businesses. Accelerate Startup growth by leveraging a trusted advisor who brings domain expertise, industry experience, strong mentorship and expansive network of contacts.

Investment Due Diligence

Investing in a new technology startup, a company poised for growth or a mature acquisition candidate requires complete and detailed diligence. Discover deep insights into all facets of the technology operation to provide key optics into this critical dimension of making a winning equity investment.

Coaching & Mentoring

Leading companies know that it’s their people that drive ultimate success and highly effective leadership is a must. Elevate the growth of your key people by giving them access to a coach who will bring to bear a wealth of hands-on experience, proven approaches and an objective sounding board.

Our Experience

These posts highlight real-world business challenges we have direct experience with, outline approaches taken to tackle them and illustrate their business outcomes. These provide firsthand optics into our experience and insight. Stay tuned, we will be posting new topics on a regular basis.

Let’s Connect

Ask us a question, inquire about our services, or just talk through a problem. We’re happy to help.

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